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  1. Report on COMESA Regional Workshop on Financial Stability Assessment Framework – November 2012
  2. Report on Macroeconometric Modelling for Financial System Stability August 2013
  3. Report on Training of Adv. Panel Data Econometrics for Senior Experts of Ministries of Finance and Central Banks in the COMESA Region – July 2013
  4. Report on Workshop for Validation of the Manual for Implementing the COMESA Framework For Financial System Stability 2013
  5. Report on the Validation Workshop on the Implmentation of the COMESA MFSF August 2012
  6. Report on the Training of Trainers on Macroeconomic Modeling, Impact and Forecasting October 2012
  7. Report on the 2012 Progress Towards Macroconvergence in COMESA November 2013
  8. Report on Regional Workshop on Macro-Stress Testing for Financial Stability Analysis – August 2013
  9. Report on Regional Workshop on Macro-Econometric Modelling for Assessing Financial System Stability 2013
  10. Report on Macroeconometric Modelling for Financial System Stability August 2013
  11. SHIELDS Financial Stability Assessment Rating Framework
  12. A Proposal for Partial Credit Guarantee Scheme in COMESA
  13. Proposal for Appropriate Monetary Policy Regimes for COMESA 2013-Final
  14. Report of Symposium 12 December 2019 – English Final
  15. Report of Symposium 12 December 2019 – French Final

Financial Soundness Indicators Reports

  1. Rwanda

Microfinance 2016

  1. Recommandations sur le cadre politique et reglementaire pour la finance inclusive – Une initiative des representants dans les pays de la region du COMESA
  2. Recommendations on Policy Regulatory Framework for Inclusive Finance – A COMESA Region Country Representative Initiative


  1. CMI – Role of Central Banks in Advancing ACfTA and TFTA
  2. TDB – Presentation – COMESA 13.12.2019
  3. AfDB – Eradicating intra-regional trade financial obstacles in Africa1
  4. CBE Blockchain_final
  5. CCH – REPSS presentation – 2019 Governors symposium
  6. EAC – PSS Regional Initiatives fin

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