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Early Warning Models to Identify Financial Institutions at Risk of Failure

Most Central Banks in the COMESA region relies on a differentiated mix of off-site monitoring procedures and on-site examinations to identify risks in banking institutions. These approaches have been supplemented by new statistical models to predict banks with early stage of capital distress and banks’ rating down grade or upgrade. Banks failure have significant cost in terms of the adverse …

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Maintaining Aggregate Fiscal Discipline and Sustainability

COMESA Monetary Institute (CMI) in collaboration with the IMF Regional Technical Assistance Centers for Eastern and Southern Africa (AFRITACs East and South), organized a workshop on “Medium –Term Fiscal Frameworks and Fiscal Risks” in Johannesburg South Africa, 10 – 14 September 2018. The objectives of Medium Term Fiscal Frameworks (MTFFs) are to ensure that target path for a country of …

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Manual on Analysis of Monetary transmission Mechanism Adopted

Central Banks in the COMESA region have adopted the use of the manual on analysis of monetary transmission mechanism using the time series data. The COMESA Monetary Institute (CMI) recently held a workshop in Nairobi Kenya from 7th – 11th May 2018, for Central Banks to discuss and validate the Manual which seeks to equip users with skills on modelling …

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Monetary Integration is achievable – Central Bank chiefs

Governors of Central Banks and representatives from eleven COMESA countries have reiterated that achieving monetary integration is possible and it will be enabled if Member countries have larger and deeper financial markets. Other factors such as having more competitive banking sectors, stronger institutional and regulatory environment and more transparent central banks also need to be in place. The Bank chiefs …

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Governors Lobby for Regional Payment System to Facilitate Intra-COMESA Trade

The bureau of the COMESA Committee of Governors of Central Banks has urges all member Central Banks to sensitize stakeholders to promote use of the Regional Payment and Settlement System (REPSS). The REPSS is a Multilateral Netting System with end-of-day settlement in a single currency in a multicurrency environment. At the 38th meeting of the Bureau of the COMESA Committee …

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